Sunday, March 17, 2013

SFGate: Morford: Thinking is Elitist

37 percent of people completely lost | Notes & Errata by Mark Morford | an blog: It is a wicked conundrum that you and I can debate the definition of elitism, whether or not it’s fair to criticize those who believe that, say, gay marriage means kids will be indoctrinated into homosexuality, or that evolution is still a theory, or that Jesus literally flew up out of a cave and into the sky, when the discussion itself is, by nature, elitist, exclusionary, requiring fluid, abstract thinking the very people we’re discussing simply do not possess, and therefore cannot participate in.
Same for the blogsphere - do any of the people that incessantly forward long-since-debunked emails read/write blogs? (Hint: No.)

Blogging, too, is elitist.

Good read.