Monday, March 18, 2013


dangerousmeta!: I was enjoying one of my free days - I worked six days a week for $2.65 an hour. That one day off a week became precious, because we were around 100 miles from the nearest town of any significance, and none of us had cars. Around nine of us would bargain for the one available seat on the supply truck. So it wasn’t often we’d get into town. I was sitting in my Manhattan Project war-surplus hut in the cool of evening after a long day of bushwhacking. I’d turned on the radio, and was surfing for any stations that might be listenable (dubious, because of the Chisos Basin’s ring of mountains). I finally caught, on the AM band, a thready elderly voice. A Christian radio station, an old man pleading for donations to keep his station open. He talked of how he’d ploughed all of his money into his equipment, how he couldn’t afford his electric bills anymore, but he still wanted to do the Lord’s service. His plaintive wails and cries for help convinced me he’d constructed a personal Hell with his own two hands. Eventually his signal weakened, his hoarse cries dwindled into the AM static, then died. I never heard him on that band again. I was horrified.

Dangerousmeta! on the (potential) end of his blogging. I wonder if blogging hasn't passed into that canon of arcane activities (passion writing) soon to be occupied only by the Few That Still Do.

Related: Gordon's Notes thinks Blogger is the next service on on Google's chopping block. I concur - the service, like Amazon's "eBooks", is wholly the domain of automated spamming systems (most of them employed by SEO trying to create "organic" traffic). It makes sense for them to shut it down as it no longer garners (IMHO) enough AdSense revenue to justify the amount of monitoring the click traffic requires.