Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Top Ten Posts since 2007

Looked at my extended stats for the first time in a long time. This really surprised me. Wanted to remember it.

Since 2007, my top ten posts:

2361 visits - Wedding Videography and Copyright Law
938 visits - Brain Dump: Aphids and Artichoke Plants
709 visits - Brain Dump: embedding fonts in OpenOffice PDF's
361 visits - How Salmonella contaminates tomato plants
331 visits - Not an Atheist - an Alltheist
259 visits - Jaw Drops Open: Lydia Van De Meer
239 visits - Google Plus
233 visits - Brain Dump: Lake Berryessa, California
149 visits: Brain Dump: BizAdSplash Pyramid Scam
135 visits: Music Business: What do I do now?

I realize there are so many blogs out there that get more traffic than this every day, but I have to remember: I am not a measure of my blog traffic.