Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brain Dump: Aphids and Artichoke Plants

Spring gardening I attempted to deal with an aphid problem on my artichoke plants, and tried a couple "organic" methods. One one plant, I used a simple mixture of vegetable oil, dish soap, and water. That plant survived.

On this plant, however, I tried adding a bit of vinegar and mineral oil, and as you can see, it completely burned this poor plant. The aphids have not returned....at least not in their previous numbers, but the plant's growth has been seriously inhibited.

Live, learn.....etc.


Justin said...

Whoa! I tried the oil/water/soap method and that really did the job.

Jon & Lee said...

A cap full of dish soap and a cap full of listerine mouthwash mixed in a spray bottle of water works really well too. You have to use it over a two or three day period. After that your aphids will disappear.

MaryAnn said...

Thanks for the idea, I have tried it, wwe'll see if it works. MaryAnn