Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the wild: Lindsay Wagner Meditation Music

Earlier this year, I was approached by producers at Allplanet Interactive to create some "Enya-like" music for a CD project they were working on.

Not knowing who the end client was (but I do trust the folks at AP), I submitted some samples and a bid sheet, thinking they'd simply license a few existing music library tracks and be on their way.

Instead, I received a phone call from Lindsay Wagner (yes, *the* Lindsay Wagner), asking if I'd be willing to compose music to accompany her guided meditations, creating an incredibly unique, signature collection for her.

Umm, YES!

Five weeks later, after countless emails, phone calls, late night listening sessions, and unknown quantities of chai tea, "Open to Oneness" was approved for manufacture, and is now available via her website.

This collection represents a different sound and style than any of my six existing listeners may be familiar with, and it took a bit of opening of my own mind and heart to compose. I encourage you to open your own heart and mind and give this collection a spin.