Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aretha Franklin - Today I sing the blues

Via Baby Grandpa comes a fascinating bit of music history.

The sum of the story is probably better told by Ile Oxumare, but I'll summarize quickly here:

One of Aretha's first labels tries putting her voice into several genres of music - 'molding the artist' if you will - but, ultimately, Aretha switches labels and goes on to huge stardom.

This first label then takes this earlier recording, strips all the music, and re-records with 'up-to-date' styles, using some actually talented musicians in the process. The result is this album.

Tracks 2 and 4 are really treats. This is something you're just *not* going to hear anywhere else. A few megabytes of disk space is all you need.


Baby Grandpa said...

Well, Jeremiah, thanks for the props and the link back to our blogs, I appreciate it.

Usually, people simply copy and paste everything and post it as if they've done it all by themselves.

Thanks again and keep enjoying this lovely Aretha gem.


Baby Grandpa

Jeremiah said...

You're welcome. You guys have awesome blogs.