Monday, July 9, 2007

Ubuntu! At last, Ubuntu!

Summary: Ubuntu rocks.

I was inspired by this video to download a version called Feisty Fawn, and after finally picking up some new computer parts at the local crack den (aka "Fry's"), set out to my first Linux desktop install.

It's really as easy as it looks, provided you have a basic understanding of how computer components relate to each other (i.e., know the difference between RAM, hard disk, CPU, etc). The install took about ten minutes (slow CDR drive), and about another 5 minutes of updates (there were 72 updates when the self-updater checked on the first boot.) Basically, if you've got a bootable hardware configuration, you can have Ubuntu up and running in about 20 minutes.

By "up and running", you're good to go for 95% of the things most people use computers for: media management (photos, music, videos), word processing, web browsing, basic gaming (cards, crosswords, math games), etc. If you're the kind of user that does most of your computing online (blogging, email, banking, etc) through a web browser, Ubuntu runs like a limber lynx- on a $300 computer!- and I'll bet most users won't know the difference.