Sunday, June 10, 2007

Of the things I've learned....

Photo by carf.

It's about relationships.

From one perspective, it's about an individual's relationship with "the business" at large. All of us have to construct some kind of basic premise about the industry so we can begin to negotiate a course that doesn't overwhelm and suffocate us. "The Business" is in many ways, a behemoth.

When I was younger (and in many ways, naive), "The Business" looked suspiciously like a series of (seemingly irrational) annointings. It seemed as if a gilded hand would descend from the Brass Ether, bestowing one with the blessings of cultural relevance. Of course, this was the perspective of someone clearly on the outside of the system trying to make sense of it.

And it made no sense. So you can imagine my frustration as I was continually unsuccessful at seeking and receiving this sought-after call to Valhalla.

Perhaps you can imagine how tiring it must be to have a person like that around - someone who's (naive) relationship with The Business has them constantly seeking approval (and by proxy, endorsement). Another person's insecurities can become a burdensome drain on your energy. It can fray your personal relationships.

The Business is relationships.

At a personal level, it's about who knows you, and within that amazingly tiny circle, those who trust you. At a macro level, it's your relationship with the business at large that will greatly influence your relationships with individuals within The Business.

Back to my story: I had to recognize that my initial (and naive) perception of The Business was wrong- it's not a "gilded hands annointing people with cultural worth" scenario. I then had to change my relationship with The Business at large. The truth is, it's the personal relationships that come first, and most importantly, the referrals that come with those relationships.

Because it's who you know, who knows you, and who trusts you.

It's about relationships.