Saturday, June 9, 2007

EMU 0404 USB dropout

See my update below.

I'm having an issue on one of my DAW systems with "dropout", an issue where my audio device will momentarily glitch. I've observed my Emu 0404 USB dropping S/PDIF sync with my Yamaha M08, and I think it's related in some way. The sync cable between the keyboard and the Emu seems solid, and it doesn't seem cyclical enough to correspond with some system event (ala USB device sniffing), but it's getting downright annoying. Happens in all audio applications, so it's not a buffer/config issue related to a single app.

I've already resolved one issue related to power (FSM blesses TrippLite, ramen!), but continue to have these occasional hiccups.

Any thoughts or theories are welcome in comments.

UPDATE: 06/10/08: One year later, I can tell you what the problem is: I have an AC power problem in my studio. Apparently, several of the wall outlets are wired on the same circuit as light and ceiling fan switches throughout the adjoining apartments. When one of my neighbors turns on their bathroom fan, the resulting A/C line noise causes a momentary burp on the EMU 0404 unit, causing dropout.


Robert said...

DJeez.. how did you figure that out? :)

Well.. good job anyway. hehe bye

South Korea for South Africans said...

Robert u cracked me up with your comment. :)) Djeeez indeed. :) I have acquired a 0202, and am having a hell of a time getting it to not disappear on me in cubase. i know my laptop battery is at the end of its days, and being in an appartnemtn building, i wonder now if it could be appartnemt number 3 above me who is causing me all this grief. maybe i should post a request on the main entrance door asking everyone not to switch lights on between i can get some work done. :P