Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kids Today

“And nothing had the chance to be good......nothing ever could.”
  • Simply Red

Kids today.

They have it so easy.

But I'm grumpy because I've been eclipsed. Because my choices are no longer undoable. I'm fresh out of fresh starts.

One of my students is eleven and wants to play like Joe Satriani. So he goes on YouTube every afternoon and watches Joe's instructional videos (which have been uploaded illegally by thousands of people all over the world.)

For the last six months, this kid has been immersing himself in Satriani. Not the albums so much, but the instructionals.

I never had this. I never had a chance at this.

Sure, I have a few hours a week to get schooled on YouTube – god knows I take every opportunity now, too. But I'm 42 and just past any real chance at economic sustainability in the professional arts. It doesn't matter anymore how good I get.