Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FutureHit Falls Down

You have to see this exchange at the FutureHitDNA blog.

Credibility is everything.

If you make a claim about making money in this business, you better be able to back it up - the unwashed masses love nothing more than a good takedown - a disrobing of fake emperors.

It may indeed be that Alex Day is The Next Big Thing (my professional opinion: no). But if he's making money as he claims, then it should be absolutely elementary to shut me down by opening up a spreadsheet and showing us how it's done.

The posts author, JayFrank, when prompted to highlight some details, writes:
Regarding his label meeting, there’s no reason to contact someone because they would deny the conversation. Who wouldn’t? I do know he’s had meetings because charting a record always elicits a phone call.
Regarding releasing spreadsheets, I don’t see the need. One can easily see thru the publicly available. Chart positions and thru the YouTube views that revenue is there. The way it’s done as one can publicly see is put in years of hard work and, yes, partner with the right people. It’s not about traditional or new. It’s that he did it himself and it helps show one doesn’t always need either a label or touring.
Deny the conversation? A charting record always elicits a phone call??? Sorry, what?!?

How does someone who wants to be taken seriously walk away with a non-response such as this??

Why would anyone who takes themselves seriously read/trust this blog when they can't get basic details right?

Because this is all hype.

(PS: Look at the stats on his new video: See that near perf diagonal line? That means it's bullshit - "organic" traffic does not look like that. Logarithmic graphs mean Russian botnets. Sorry, Alex and Jay.)