Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Apology

Ok, I fucked up.

And I am genuinely both ashamed and humbled.

I don't know why I got so angry.

Well, that's a lie, isn't it? We all know why...

I hate everything about this. I hate that it makes me GRRAAAAAGGEEE!! at the world.

But I don't hate Rebecca Black. I don't even know her. I was reacting to what I thought she was.

"The Jew Comment"

...doesn't bear repeating. I'd incorrectly believed she was the daughter of a Goldman-Sachs scion or something, and had made an *intentionally* offensive comment aimed at what I perceived to be an otherwise insulated population and I'm like Robin Hood and his Merry Band of Metaphors.

But it looks like she's just a regular middle-class 8th grader having a bit of fun. Well, shit, she's having a LOT of fun.

And isn't what this whole thing is supposed to be about, anyway? Just fun? What the hell else is an eighth grader going to sing about? And a lousy $2k for a single? Of *course* it sounds like that.

So to you, my remaining faithful readers, and especially to Ms. Black (who I hope never sees this blogpost), I humbly and genuinely apologize for my vitriol and general shittiness.


Nathan said...


Dunno about the "Jew Comment" as I'm late the party (as usual. :P ) so that shall not be criticized (constructively or otherwise.)

If you were apologizing for your phrasing or wording, that is one thing, but I do hope you didn't write that retraction out of guilt for hurting peoples feelings.

NEVER be afraid to call out mediocrity when you see it -- whether it is made by an 8th grader or the corpse of Frederick "Fucking" Chopin himself.

If the artist can take the criticism then chances are good they will be able to go places. If they can't take criticism (either levied constructively or harsher then a ball-peen hammer to a pair of testicles) then I'm not entirely certain that the artist in question will grow in their field (assuming they have that desire.) I know I learned that the hard way in art school on more then one occasion.