Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are electronic or digital musicians 'fake?'

Just some random thoughts re: using digital tools as a performing musician.


Nathan said...

I may not be quite grasping what you are getting at as I'm not a musician.

But I think you are dealing with a matter of perspective. Is a writer any more fake for using a word processor instead of old parchment vellum, a quill pen and an inkwell?
Or is a painter any less fake for working in Painter or Adobe instead of oil?

When it comes to art, I think it is only 'fake' if you are unwilling to create something unique to you, regardless of your medium. While it could be said that you may not necessarily have to understand music in order to work your keyboard, I can counter that by saying I know jack about music theory and can still strum a guiter - does that make me fake, perse'?

As long as it comes from you, regardless of your instrument or medium, it shouldn't be considered 'fake.'