Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brain Dump: Lexicon Omega and Sonar7

A number of support forums report issues with integrating a Lexicon Omega audio interface with Cakewalk's SONAR software. In many cases, users will see the playback bar moving, but will see no activity on track meters. Here are two reproducible issues that will result in that symptom:
  1. The Lexicon Omega is connected to a USB 1.0 port (an error window will pop up with a message about channel bandwidth),
  2. The ASIO latency is set to the fastest setting (in this case, move the slider bar one notch to the right)
Also common, the "Monitor Mix" knob - the one that looks just like every other knob on the face, (seriously, Lexicon designers - a different colored knob!!!1!eleven!) it needs to be turned all the way to the right.

This unit is apparently much less sensitive (than the EMU 04040 USB) to the RF interference generated when a lightswitch is turned on or off.


Anonymous said...

I am having this problem, but I am using Sonar 6. The mixing latency buffer size slider is grayed out and I can't slide it. Do you have any suggestions?