Monday, July 20, 2009

Jamba Juice is a Bad Neighbor

At the moment, it appears the tasty pulp pushers at Jamba Juice have stolen (yes, stolen) the work of one of my favorite social conspirators, David Rees. Rees writes the awesome Get Your War On (before that, it was My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable), which was the work that Jamba Juice's soon-to-be-fired ad agency, Neighbor, stole.

The agency will most likely first claim the images are commercial clip art, and not an infringement. This is bullshit - they used the EXACT same clip art in EXACTLY the same style. I'm a longtime GYWO reader, and the Jamba Juice ripoff looks exactly like Rees' work. Exactly.

I'd have thought Rees had struck a deal with Jamba Juice and was now able to bathe in orange pulp or something.

What can you do?

Send an email to Killeen (She knows everything!) at Neighbor, and contact Jamba Juice corporate at 510.596.0100 x5785. Tell them you think they stole someone's work and demand (yes, DEMAND) some free Jamba. Then write David Rees an email and tell him which flavor you got.

via MeFi.