Thursday, June 18, 2009


A bit overwhelmed at the moment . Too many pots on the stove, so to speak. Having a lot of trouble figuring out "What's the best thing I can be doing right now?"

I think I take on too much because it excites me, but I get bogged down once in a while with details because details don't really feel like accomplishments. Coming up with a great idea? Accomplishment. Feeling stupid because I can't figure out some of the details to make it work? Not such a good feeling...

I've got "projects" all over the map - developing a web concept, trying to finish compositions for my library, finding more work, *closing* the deals, cleaning my studio/closet/equipment bins, backup my data(!), the list goes on and on.

On some days, the goals seem obvious, but recently, they seem almost like distractions. I have five hundred things to do, but only enough time and resources to complete two. Four hundred ninety-eight undone things weigh heavily on me.

How do *you* cope when overwhelmed by "gotta do's?"


Justin said...

I pick one where I can see the steps clearly and I start doing them. Usually when this happens to me it is because I am in "analysis paralysis" against the vision for the difficult projects and I am ignoring the ones that I could (and should) just wade in and do. Some or a lot of this may just be my personality type so caveat emptor.

Jeremiah said...

Do you ever get to the point where even figuring out which one has clear steps seems beyond reach?

Analysis paralysis is a great phrase - seems to really capture the problem.

Justin said...

It can feel that way sometimes, but there is usually some task I can at least do the next action (viz GTD) on.

Jeremiah said...

I hear you - I think my problem is exacerbated by working from home. Often, my "gotta do" tasks are things like: empty the catbox, run laundry, etc.

Lord, I feel like a 50's housewife.

Are we gonna get hot babes delivering milk in our future?

Justin said...

I consulted my crystal ball and it wasn't looking good for your hot babe milkwomen.

Jeremiah said...

"hot babe milkwomen"

Wow, there's a Google search you don't want in front of a jury.

But I'm totally gonna twitter it!

Justin said...

So true. That would be a serious NSFW Google.