Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is flickr's search broken, or just interesting?

Or do I just not know how to use it very well? All I wanted were some stock style photos about journalism or newsmedia. I thought I'd find some closeups of reporter's notebooks, maybe a newsroom interior or something. Searching for "journalism" brings up a hodgepodge of photos, none of which particularly suits the word "journalism."(I noticed a huge number of images returned are photos of young girls with attached text pleas for help...isn't this tag gaming a form of child exploitation?)

Unless, of course, you're Flickr. In Flickr's world, words are being redefined by the community in the form of photo tags. Some thoughts occur:
  • This has interesting consequences- how pervasive or "sticky" can these new definitions be? We've seen how a Fark photoshop contests can become international memes. Can redefinitions propagate similarly?
  • What kind of insight can we get regarding a community's relationships with certain words or ideas?
  • How do users game these linguistics to bring higher views to their own kind of commentary?
  • Is this a kind of metaspeak?


MICHAEL said...

how can I share some music with you?

Jeremiah said...

Not sure what you mean?