Monday, August 13, 2007

Josh Woodward's got a new CD

Among my emails today was a note from Josh Woodward (his music is behind my DIY "Bubba Bowls" video) that he's released another CD. What caught my attention is his "name your own price" philosophy of selling shiny discs. This may or may not backfire, but it will give him VERY high-quality consumer feedback, and probably gain a few mentions in the blogosphere. Additionally, if you're a film or media producer of some kind and you're in the market for *excellent*, CreativeCommons-licensed American folk music, Josh is your man.


Josh said...

Thanks a bunch, Jeremiah! It's been going really well so far. The average price paid has been about $8, and I'm selling three times as many CDs as I have in previous CD releases (at a $10 fixed price). Go figure! I'm guessing the average price will trail off, since it's been mostly the dedicated listeners so far, but I'm still happy.